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The Flint Christian Science Church website had not been updated in more than a decade. While serviceable it lacked social media links, an event calendar, up-to-date visuals — plus it was not easy to maintain.  Kay Keelor, the Christian Science Reading Room manager in Flint, had seen a church site I had designed and contacted me to see if I could develop one for them. We had such fun developing the new site — collaborating on ideas that linked their church activities to the rest of Flint, creating a calendar platform that now includes dozens of events they host each month, and providing a blog posting platform that Kay could use on a regular basis. Kay has learned how to maintain the site on her own and become facile using social media in conjunction with the website. Occasionally I get a call for help from her, but she is doing a masterful job at managing a robust and up-to-date faith-based community website.

ClientFirst Church of Christ, Scientist - Flint, Michigan
SkillsWeb Design


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